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Pretest kit part 2(Code No. 9817510205201)

Test kit pretest kit part 2. approx. 48 test substances in test carton for physicians, therapists and alternative practitioners, not suitable for consumption

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Test kit pretest kit part 2. approx. 48 test substances in test carton for physicians, therapists and alternative practitioners, not suitable for consumption

Pretest kit part 2 in carton – 48 substances incl. brochure

Years of practical work with the SAB have resulted in an ultra-fast diagnostic tool that can be used with various methods: Electroacupuncture (EAV), Vega-test, BFD, Kinesiology, Chinese Pulse Diagnostics, Biotensor etc. This pre-test consists of 48 individual test substances (originals, not dubbed over!), which can identify the most important causes. This is because the basic causes should be identified before starting therapy

This pre-test contains the following content substances or their equivalents (1 test ampoule represents one cause each)

Group: Nutrition and metabolism
Change in blood composition
exposure of the organism to animal proteins
exposure of the organism to free radicals
Disruption caused by genetically modified foodstuffs
usability disorder
Disturbances in the acid-base balance – Acidity
Disorders in the acid-base balance – alkaline reaction
Stress on the organism due to metabolic inertia
Phosphate intolerance (hyperactivity or similar)
food intolerance
food allergy
Exposure to colon dysbiosis
Exposure to small bowel dysbiosis
Exposure to stimulants (coffee, alcohol, cocoa, nicotine)
Disturbances due to oxygen deficiency
Test for trace element deficiency
Test for mineral deficiency
Vitamin deficiency test
Amino acid imbalance test
Enzyme deficiency test

Group: Psychic situation
Indication of mental stress
Test for stress reactions
Symptoms of Psychosomatic Disorder
fatigue load
Blockages caused by psychological trauma
Disturbances due to imbalance of the vegetative nervous system
Test for endocrine load
Test for hormone deficiency
energy blockage
therapy blocked by negative thoughts
Symptoms of depressive stress
Symptoms of endogenous depression

Group: Various pathological phenomena
Stress on the organism due to therapeutic damage
Note for benign tumors (benign forms)
Reference to precanceroses (tumors in the initial stage)
Reference to Cancer (Makro-Ca.)
Reference to premalignoses (malignant tumours at the beginning)
Reference to pre-diabetes mellitus
Reference to hypertension and its damaging influence
Indication of hypotension and its undersupply to the tissues
Chronic treatment-resistant eczema
Unclear cardiovascular complaints
general liver strain
Disorders of the organism due to hardening, sclerosis
regeneration disorder
Energy and regulation deficit
Extinguishing ampoule – shows the true test value

Instructions for use for test ampoules
This medical device as a preparation of substances is intended to be used outside the body in test procedures, in particular biophysical procedures, in accordance with § 2 Paragraph 2 No. 4a AMG. These test ampoules are exclusively intended to reveal the nature, condition, functions, diseases, stresses, intolerances and regulatory options of the body. For testing, the ampoules are placed in the holder provided by the arrangement of the device and the measurement is carried out. The specifications of the test equipment manufacturer must be followed
This medical device is not a medicinal product and is not intended for therapeutic use on or in the human or animal body
The substances contained in these test ampoules or test solutions are to be used for test purposes only. Different test methods are suitable for working with these test ampoules: RAC-Diagnostics (Reflex Auriculo-Cardiale) EAV, BFD, Vega, Kinesiology, Biotensor, chin. Pulse diagnostics, etc
If a date is written on the ampoules, this means the date of manufacture. The test ampoules can be used indefinitely

For testing purposes only and not for use

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